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Electrostatic Spray Disinfection

Full-Service Commercial Cleaning Services in Delta

Quality First Building Maintenance Ltd offers commercial cleaning services in Delta. We also offer a customized janitorial program that allows us to meet all of your cleaning needs at an affordable rate to fit your budget. From daily to once a month, we provide cleaning services in Delta and surrounding areas for businesses large and small. Get in touch with us for a free evaluation or a free quote.

Some of Our Customers Include:

  • Office buildings
  • Couriers
  • Medical clinics
  • Community centres
  • Schools
  • Day care centres
  • Dental clinics
  • Food processing plants
  • Caterers
  • Churches
  • Veterinary clinics
  • Horticulture nurseries
  • Car dealerships
  • Showrooms
  • Distribution centres
  • Transportation companies
  • Gyms
  • Machine shops
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Property management

We only service commercial properties. Our specialty is janitorial maintenance for commercial properties. Get in touch with us for more details.

Extra Services at Quality First Building Maintenance Ltd

Strip, Seal and Wax Tile Floor

First floors are stripped, thoroughly washed and dried, and then 2 coats of protective sealer and 2 coats of wax are applied. Floors are always allowed to dry completely between each coat. The floors are then buffed using a Clarke Ultra Speed 2000 DC electric high-speed buffer that produces a brilliant high-gloss “wet look” shine. The matte finish is also available if requested.

Buffing Floors

First floors thoroughly washed and dried. The floors are then buffed using a Clarke Ultra Speed 2000 DC electric high-speed buffer that produces a brilliant high-gloss “wet look” shine. The dust control (DC) models are Clarke Green Certified. This new line of Ultra Speed® Burnishers is ideal for use in hospitals, schools and areas requiring a dust-free, odour-free, quiet operation.

Note – Please keep in mind buffing can only be done provided there is ample wax on the floor. If not, then the above service is done using 4 coats of wax instead of 2 sealers and 2 waxes.

Power Scrub Ceramic Tile/Cement Floor

Using a 2-speed power scrubber, floors are scrubbed with the appropriate pad for the floor type. All the dirt and water is then removed with a high power wet/dry vac. The floors are again damp mopped and dried paying extra attention to get right into the corners.

floor cleaning
Buffing Floors
Strip, seal and wax tile floor
Power Scrub Ceramic Tile/Cement Floor

Steam Clean Carpets

A commercial-grade truck-mounted unit (CDS OverDrive™ 4.8 by Hydra Master) or a portable unit (200PSI Ninja hot water extractor by Esteam) are used as access allows. The truck-mounted CDS Overdrive unit has new power train and drive technology which increases vacuum performance by 25% while lowering gas consumption by 25% to 30%. The recovery tank and vacuum breaker designs have further increased usable airflow for dramatically improved water recovery. Carpets are left cleaner and drier! The Esteam CSA-US approved 200 PSI NINJA portable extractors are the world’s most popular extractors with performance and reliability like no other.

Window Cleaning – In and Out

We use a water feed pole system by Tucker Pole. First, a pre-soak agent is used, then soap is applied and scrubbed with a soft brush and finally rinse and the dry agent is applied to leave no streak finish.

Steam Clean Carpets
Window Cleaning – In and Out

Blind Washing

Blinds are taken down, power steam washed outside, hung to dry and reinstalled.

Pressure Washing

A portable 11hp pressure washer is used taking care to use the appropriate nozzle for the surface being cleaned.

Blind Washing
Pressure Washing

Commercial Cleaning

We offer smart janitorial services for commercial clients in Delta.

Free Quotes

Get in touch with us for cleaning and janitorial services.

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